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Notifications in the web browser stopped coming.
In Chrome and in FireFox, they stopped coming at the same time, everything’s worth the permissions and is also included in the application settings. Before that, everything worked

What is the browser version you are using? Could you please try it in the incognito mode OR switch to another browser? When does the issue happen?
Chrome 77 and FireFox latest
Just do not come notifications, everything is allowed for exhibitions =(
Does this issue just happen recently?
Yes, well, probably 10-14 days. You did not change the alert delivery server?
and it happened on all browsers at once, on different devices in different ways
This is odd. We did not change the alert delivery server. Will ask the devs to look into it asap.
No news?
Already tried everything, re-logged in, reinstalled the browser, not one notifications ((
FF, Opera, Chrome, Yandex, Vivaldi.
And without them it’s really bad.
Could you please check if the notifications are disabled on the Chrome?
It was blocked, but was added to the exception when it unlocked it worked. But for a very long time it worked with this configuration and then stopped
But no, mistake, this switch does not affect. just noticed while my extension window is open, notifications come, but as soon as I close it, nothing comes
Sorry currently this is how it works, only when the window is open will the notifications show up.
is this critically inconvenient, will it be fixed, or is it flimsy?
Sorry, there is no immediate plan to get it fixed technically.
This is very very bad
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