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European date format
Dear Sirs, thank you for your Great app.

1) I've a problem with the "Date format", in Europe the format date is per example for the 6th of December is 06/12/2020 but in Usa is 12/06/2020,

in my Ticktick Android App the notes after the 2019 appear with American date format (in attach a screenshot).

2) A second question, in my phone I've my Ticktick app with my user ( but I payd the subsciption with the google account of my android (,

now it's working perfectly (with paid), but the question is: when the automatic renewal happens, are we sure that it renew the correct user?

Thank you

Adamo Benato (TickTick Skyrocket)
Hey Adamo,

Date format suggestion has been noted down. The product team will do further evaluations.

Normally if you paid the subscription with the google account of your android (, and it works with, it will renew the correct user.
Thank you very much
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