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Bug in latest Android update - V 5.2.2
After the latest update in the Android version (V 5.2.2) and the two-way Google calendar integration, the calendar in the app has become very very slow, and frequently crashes. And often times, it hangs the whole app. My Handset : Realme U1
Model: RMX 1833
Android : 9
Custom OS: Color OS 6.0
Version : RMX1833EX_11_C.13
Baseband version : M_V3_P10
Kernel : 4.4.146

This is not a case on Note9
I have the same problem. The calendar view takes so long it becomes useless.
But in my experience with the superb ticktick app, their support and development team, it won't be long before this issue gets solved ;-)
I have the same problem on Samsung Note 8. It's hard to use Calendar View in app now.
Hey guys,

The devs have been aware of it. We will get this issue fixed asap.
Its taking a long time to open Tick Tick and crashes all time. I've insucesfuly reinstall it four times
@Carol. Hey, Thanx a ton. The issue got solved. Now calendar works like a charm.
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