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Lag or Delay when typing comments
For a few weeks now, I've noticed a lag or delay when I'm typing comments or subtasks. The lag isn't there when I'm adding tasks, but it shows up when I click into the description area and start typing.

it happens whether the description area is empty or already has text in it.
Hey Mike,

What's the app version number with your device?
I'm having the issue in Chrome.
Ok, thanks for the info. Could you please try logging in in the incognito mode OR switch to other browsers > see if this issue can be resolved?
I just tried in Internet Explorer and getting similar effect. Chrome has more of a lag than IE does.
any update on this?
this is still an issue, any update on this?
Bump. Been having the same issue for quite some time.
the lack of response is disappointing.

I just noticed a new button at the bottom of the description window, for something called the Styles bar. I bet this has something to do with the lag. There is no lag when I create a task or add comments, only when I type in the description box.
really TickTick? not even a response saying you're aware of the issue??
Hey Mike,

We are so sorry for missing out on this thread. The lag is predicted to do with the Markdown feature, the devs have been looking into it, we will get it run smooth in the future update asap.
This appears to be a lot better now (at least for me). I think the website was updated today because it was down for a bit in the middle the day (EST).
i noticed the same thing since yesterday. thanks TickTick!
the lag is back, and it's bad
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