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I've been looking for a good todo list app for myself and my company, I tried a bunch and I finally settled on ticktick : ), the only thing that is missing is a proper api for integrations. Is there some timeline? I saw that there is an unofficial api bindings for node, would be nice to have something proper.
No open API currently. But the devs have been on it. Will be available in the future.
Ok, hopefully soon then...
+1 from me on this. This is also something I view as one of Ticktick's only weaknesses vs. competitors.
+1 WHEN??
+1 WHEN??
Hi guys,

Could you please share a bit more about how you would like to use with open API?
The use cases help with the evaluation process.
My use case : I use a Zapier alternative ( to write flow for companies who need fast and cheap adaptations to work remote. I receive confirmations from stripe from online stores, and want to :

* create a task in the list "shop" with the name of the order, and 2 days to due
* in the task the description add all the human processes needed to finalize the order. (pack t-shirt size S, pack t-shirt size M, send to "<address>"
* when the task done, I would love to have a webhook to go back to my processes with the task name and id.

So here, I would need for my use case 2 endpoint, 1 webhook. Here an example of what I have in mind :

POST { name: "order #123", description: ["pack size S", "pack size M"], list_id: "55555", due_at: "2020-04-17T18:00"}
=> 201 {id: "1234", status: "active", ...}

GET { name: "order #123" }
=> 200 {id: "1234", status: "late", ...}

// Webhook
POST <mywebhook url> {event_name: "tasks.done", data: {id: "1234", status: "done", ...}}

My main use case is to have a few TickTick lists/smartlists/taglists in a on-page dashboard along with other info.

Something similar to adding a lot of tick tick widgets on you Android screen. But bigger and on a read-only web page.
+1 to Hadrien Froger's reply. I would love to have these two endpoints!
+1 to João Gonçalves's reply.

Additionally, my main use case would be to display my tasks from list X with tag Y and priority Z on my dashboard.

That is, getting tasks with specific tag(s) or priority or list would be nice. Could be implemented as a general "filter" endpoint or 3 separate endpoints. Both is fine, but please allow for tags and lists to be specified as strings and not only just by their ID, makes the world a better place...

+1 for REST APIs.
I'd love to see an API so I can create a plugin for my text editor (neovim) and keep track of what I have to do for each project in a different list, and potentially integrate with TODO: and FIXME: comments in the project. I imagine to accomplish that I would need the ability to create, update and delete todo items (update tags on item, update completed status, update due date, etc), and the ability to create lists would definitely be a plus but not required.

When I have the time to sit down and build this, if the API still doesn't exist I'll probably be looking for alternatives or just build my own developer-first TODO app and use that.
For our KPI dashboard I would then extract data from the TickTick API, and give a count on specific topics. In this manner we could have a brief view how specific internal projects are developing.

Also I could let other systems trigger a task creation e.g. "replace backup tapes", and set a due date to 1 week.
I would like to have an API for getting a smart lists so that I could view them in a single dashboard.
+ 1
I am currently working on a time tracking app and would love to integrate ticktick into the workflow.
E.g : get all tasks for the day from ticktick, pick one task and start a timer with the same description.
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