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TickTick win app is available now
TickTick win app is available now

- Completed subtasks can be displayed in the list view and the calendar view.
- Subtask with time can be displayed in the Custom Smart List now.
- Do Not Disturb option is available in Shared List reminder feature.
- Other improvements and bug fixes.

TickTick Team
The bug with the calendar is not fixed yet? If a recurring event is removed its still displayed in the calendar (this works in the Web App correctly but not in the Windows App)
if you add a tag with # sign to the task while you create it, this tag as a text stays in this task line although there is an automatic tag created before. So tags user created should disappear in the task line in my opinion.
Why search is so inconsistent on the Windows app? Previous version didn't list the results now it doesn't show the completed tasks in the results. On android is different, you need to cache (check/list) all the completed tasks, in order to search through the completed tasks.
When comes to search Web App is the only one which is the most consistent. It's annoying as hell when you're searching for a note that you checked on the Web App but you can't find it on the Windows app or on the Android App.
Can you add habits on the desktop/web?
Will consider adding it if this is on high demand, but currently no ETA yet.
Do you have plans to add habits to the desktop?
I am on and the app tells me I am on the latest version. I tried downloading the update from the website, and the download is Am I missing something?
Adding my vote for habits on desktop
Please add habits feature at desktop version.
habits and statistics on desktop?
Where can I download the version ?
I have installed and when I "check update" it says it is the latest version.
Also, this link downloads the :

How do I update ?
Request habits and statistics on Desktop
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