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See deadlines (due dates ) in today/ tomorrow lists
The way tick tick works right now, it's easy to set deadlines but hard to see them in today or tomorrow list for us to work on them and i was hoping something could be done to address this and make it easier for people to be able to work on deadlines they have in say 2 months today.

I would propose have a setting that allows you to say when you want to work on this deadline, kinda like a reminder but this will added to your calendar as a work block for this deadline.

In my example. say you have a deadline in a month, September 1st. After setting the due date for that date Sept 1st, you can toggle an option called deadline. this will allow you to customize when you want to work on this deadline, so for me i would like to work on this task 3 times this week, so i can set up the dates in an option, tuesday wed, and friday, and i want to work on them at 3pm. every week till the deadline is completed.

I believe this would be so useful and simplify the process a lot of my fellow tickers already do to simulate what I am talking about using tags or other software outside ticktick.
Hey Erick,

How about setting this task as a repetitive one and customize the reminders of when you want to work on this deadline?
I feel like this would create a lot of unnecessary task creation, so if you ever searching for things or whatever its going to show hundreds of the same task.

Also the approach you are talking about right now is none existent, if you put the deadline to sept 1st you can only set repetitions of that task after sep 1st. Otherwise the deadline will not show on the calendar.

I really believe this could be something a lot of people are missing. I at least know of a few people that have to implement tags and other things to keep on track with deadlines

Also by using a deadline feature that has say 10 repeated sequences and each time you tick a sequence it will track it with the progress bar all task have. I think my approach is more elegant but maybe hard to implement?
Hey Erick!

Thanks for further details! Have noted all them down and the product team will do evaluations.
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