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Entering a due date and time for a task - cannot enter 8am!
When I'm adding a due date and time to a task - the pop-up appears and I select the date, and then I click on the 'hour' section of the time - and for speed, I like to just quickly type the hour I want. It works for all hours I enter - apart from '08'. For some reason, 8.00am seems to get messed up and shows as 0:00 - even though when you close the pop-up, it is set correctly as 8.00. So - feels like a bug - but I keep getting it because I like my reminders at 8am! (this is in Mac app v3.1.00 101)
Hey Joel,

Are you referring to the issues in this section?
It could be - can't quite tell from these screengrabs. Fundamentally, I go to type in 08 in the hour field, and it doesn't seem to take any input - and the number shows as 0. However, when you then save the reminder, it does show at 08.00. If you select 08 from the dropdown using the mouse/trackpad, then seems to be ok. Just a really strange bug!
Hey Joel,

Got you, thanks for the reports! This has been noted down.
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