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GCal tasks not hided in the 7-days view
I selected the option to see GCal tasks only in the Calendar view, but they are always displayed also in the 7 days views. (The Today view is working correctly) Bug?

It works also in the Web App and the Desktop App, so it seems its a bug dedicated to the mobile version only.
Hey Frank,

Could you please clarify the mobile device you are using?
Android 6 device (Galaxy).
Checked it multiple times, the setting is not working correctly for the 7 days view. It works correctly for "today" and for the calendar view.

The option "only show in the calendar" let the task also shown in the 7 days view.
Hey Frank,

Are you referring to "Next 7 days"? Sort of confused.

If you are referring to "7 Day Calendar view", we just communicated with the devs, this is actually how it works. The events will still show in the calendar view when you choose"only show in the calendar".
Hi Carol, I refer to the "Next 7 days" view (not to the 7 day calendar view).

I only wanted to say, that the rest is working as expected (calendar, "today" view). Its only the "next 7 days" view which doesn't use the settings for the visibility of the subscribed calendar.
Hey Frank,

Sorry for getting you wrong! This issue has been noted down and we will look into it asap.

Btw, could you please get updated to the latest version and see if it works well?
I have 5.2.0 already installed (it seems this is latest version for Android). So this behavior I described is valid for the latest version too.
Okay, thank you. This issue has been noted down and we will look into it asap.
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