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Habits on web or windows
I dont find habits on the web or on the windows apps? Are habits coming to the web?
Hey Ole,

Sorry that we currently do not have a plan to support this, will consider adding it if it is on high demand.
dissepointed, but ok.
Hi Carol, I'd like to +1 this.

Having to switch between platforms to access different features of TickTick affects usability quite a lot for me.
Ideally, ALL features should be available on ALL apps, no matter if Windows, Android, Web, etc.
I'm sure it's a challenge, but other software companies can do it, TickTick should be able to do it as well.
Indeed, habits is an awesome feature and would be really handy to have it also on desktop versions :)
This is disappointing. I keep waiting and expecting habits to come to the other platforms, but I guess I should give up that hope. Previously I was using daily recurring tasks for habits, then i moved to the real habits feature when that was released. I'm going to ditch habits and move back to daily recurring tasks so I can have it multi-platform.
Adding a vote for this!
+1 !!
Another feature that is no multi-platform. Also, why create Habit when the normal task reoccurring and multi reminders work so well? Habit for me is totally redundant. Please consider integrating Google Assistant.
Yes I agree with everyone. I just saw the habit feature and fell in love with it... When I am on my computer I use my check list there... disappointed cannot see habits. I function through my day with habits Now.

Would love for it to be on windows PC
+ 1
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