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TickTick win app is available now
TickTick win app is available now

- The shared list owner can be transferred to other members.
- Direct assigning the tasks in the Quick Add is now available.
- You can choose the members from other shared lists when inviting someone.
- Some other glitches and bugs fixed.

TickTick Team
Thank you TickTick Team, the Search bug has been solved
How to use it
Good morning, i have a question.. we don't recieve the invoices on your site or via e-mail.. i want to konw if it's possible tu receive the invoice at this e-mail address: and
Thanks for all, i wait your news.
@Valentina, you should be communicating this request through the proper channel.
Is the windows client premium only ?!!?!?!
Hello! What’s happening with the last version? It’s always crashing! All the time: trying to refresh the app - crashing, trying to open settings menu - crashing. Why? Please answer me to my email -
Support team doesn’t work at all???? Why I couldn’t see any answer?
@Ahmad, Yes. Premium only access for windows client, they have 15 days trial for free users though.
Great job ! ! !
Where can I download the version ?
I have installed and when I "check update" it says it is the latest version.
Also, this link downloads the :

How do I update ?
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