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Calendar events are shown 2 times

I recently synched my google calendar with ticktick. Now I'm seeing duplicate records of same events in calendar view.

E.g. if I have event 'Gym' in Google Calendar, in calendar view of ticktick shows two Gym events along side each other.
Hey there,

Do you turn on the two-way sync between Google Calendar and TickTick?
No, the issue is same for calendars with url. (Non Google Calendar)
Same issue here.
Hey there,

Could you please clarify in which platform you subscribe to the calendar, does the issue happen in all devices?
Android 8, issue is for Android only
Help having the same problem --- i am even getting triplicate calender entries on my TickTick Calendar view
I've just resolved this - at least for my issue! If you create a Google calendar event to repeat every week on a Monday and Tuesday, Google Calendar shows 2 events (one on a Monday and one on a Tuesday). Ticktick mis-interprets and shows 2 identical calendar events on the same day (effectively a duplicate).

Also if you use a Google Custom repeat (even a simple weekly repeat with a stop date), Ticktick again mis-interprets and gives a duplicate. Even if ... at any point ... you used a custom repeat.

Check how you have your events setup on Google Calendar and split into seperate events if need be - or recreate the event with a simple repeat rather than a custom repeat and delete the later events you don't want.

Worked for me!
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