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Any ideas how to import from Asana?
Hi, I don't see a direct way to import tasks from Asana. Any ideas on how I can do it?
I've tried calendar subscription from Asana, but it's view only. I just want to bring all my tasks here.
Hey there,

So sorry we currently do not support importing from Asana.
I see. Thanks
I came up with a workaround.

1. Create a backup in TickTick in CSV to know the acceptable format for import.
2. Make export to CSV in Asana.
3. Copy Asana data to corresponding fields of TickTick CSV
4. Import the resulting file to TickTick.

It all worked for me like a charm and took only about half an hour.

I also found it very convenient that Asana allows to export and TickTick allows importing completed tasks.

Also please note that devs might not approve that method.

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