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Is the Kanban view coming to iOS
Hi all, is there a plan for the Kanban view to come to the iOS app? It would be really helpful to be able to move items across the board whilst away from my laptop.
Hey Phil,

Sorry, currently we do not have a plan for that but will pass your request to the product team to do further evaluation asap.
+1 Seems like it could be useful on iPad as well.
+1 here. Very frustrating to organize everything in kanban view to later check in my ios devices that everything its ordered without logic!
+1 At least use kanban column headers to separate tasks. Thanks
+1 on this feature.
> At least use kanban column headers to separate tasks. Thanks

This would be a great workaround in the interim +1
+1 I believe TickTick would be the ultimate task manager, if mobile kanban view is added.
Is there any update on this? Agree with all of the above. Kanban is awesome, but useless if it doesn't sync over to mobile :(
Hey there,

Sorry for the inconvenience, but there are no plan to do the kanban feature on the mobile phone at this moment, will pass the feedback to product team for consider that again.
+1 Agreed. This is the only thing holding me back from making it my primary task management system
This should be a priority for the dev team. At least make it available for the Pro users.
I desperately need Kanban view on iOS especially iPad. For being such an incredible development team I don’t understand why this is not considered. How about creating tags for lists? Surprised there is no way to group in list mode.
Hi guys,

This feature may not be added in the short term. But we'll keep your feedback in mind for the future.
+1 it s frustrating that i can t see my tables on my iphone
Hi guys,

The product team is considering about it. May take some time before actually implementing it.
+1 Hope, I'll work with ALL devices, not only on my notebook. A lot of time I working outside only with my iPhone.
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