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Overdue in today
Is there a way to see my overdue tasks in "Today" view automatically?
Hey Andrew,

Sorry, I am a little confused about "automatically", could you plz explain it further?
Right now, the tasks that were unfinished yesterday, stay there, unless the user manually opens the task and changes the date to 'Today'. So he is asking if it is possible to have the application automatically move my overdue tasks to today.

Like how apps like do it, where you can also choose if the overdue tasks go to the bottom of today's task list or to the top.
Hey guys,

Thanks for your clear clarification. Sorry, we currently do not support this, but your request has been noted down and we will evaluate it asap.
I want this feature too! I think overdue tasks should automatically roll over to the next day.
Hello, I very much need this feature. I most use this on my phone, and it's like when I didn't make it to a task it disappears forever. even having it in the 'today' list but marked 'overdue' would be helpful.
Hello developers, I’d really like this feature too. Please have an option to roll over overdue tasks to today. It is very inconvenient to roll them over manually every single day.
agreed! would love to have this feature!
Having a “Select All” option when using the Edit Multiple Tasks would help with this issue as well. You could choose to edit multiple tasks, select them all and then change the due day to Today for any overdue tasks.
Hi MG,

Thanks for the proposal. Will bring it up to the product team to consider.
I would like the ability to reschedule overdue tasks also. I am coming from Todoist, and they have the ability to reschedule to today, or a smart reschedule that picks days. I never sed the smart option, but did like the quick ability to just set them all to today.
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