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The application bugs out my PC
This has happend twice now.
Both times it took a few weeks after installing to happen, but I do see a pattern.

At some point, my laptop starts flipping out. 5 times a second my mouse pointer starts showing a hourglass to indicate it is busy psocessing something in the background. Together with that, my active window becomes inactive, which hinders my ability to type anything.
I have tried to solve this in a lot of ways, but the only things that seems to work is deinstal ticktick.
I really want a good application like yours, I love the ability to use a Pandora timer as well. But the application needs fixing, otherwise I can't work with it.

Please fix this issue!

Hey there!

Sorry for the issue! It is a little hard for us to reproduce the issue in our end. Could you plz send us a short video via and we will look into it!
Hi Carol.

Thank for your reply, but I can't.
This bug has happend twice now, but only after having the application installed for a few weeks (up till 2 months).
Since I've deleted tick tick off my computer, I can't take a video of it anymore..

I could try to reinstall and wait for it to happen again. What would you be interested in seeing? Task manager (performance etc), just what my mouse and windows do? ... Anything else in particular?

I have the exact same issue, and it has happened on my work laptop and my home PC (two totally different cofigurations)! I've also uninstalled the application so can't post a video currently, but will record as soon as it happens again.
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