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Background app sync
Hi there,

I have realized that when I update the tasks in my TickTick from a web browser, it only syncs with the iPhone app only after I open the app, or if I leave it running in the background. For ex, if I set a reminder from the browser, in order for it to remind me from my phone, I need to leave the app running in the background or launch it manually. It does not sync when the app is not working in the background. Is this how it supposed to work? Because other social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc. seems to be able to change badge notifications even when they are not running in the background.

Any help would be appreciated.
I have same problem too. Is there any decision?
Hey guys,

Currently only when the app is launched, can the syncing work smoothly. We have been aware of it and the devs are trying to improve it. For now manual syncing is a half-way solution, not perfect though.
The same problem.
Any timelines for this? It completely breaks the workflow while using ios + windows/web app combination. I get notifications on my apple watch and iphone for tasks which are completed or I don't get notifications for tasks entered from the windows/web app
I have the same problem mentionded above with syncing in the background on iPhone. Do you have an idea when this problem will be solved?
Would be great if we could get timelines on this issue.
Same here. I keep getting the old notifications on my phone when I have already actually ticked them as done from my computer. :(
Hi guys,

Sorry, currently the syncing between the task status and notifications are disconnected technologically. We will work on to get them consistent in the future.
Still not syncing accurately between iphone and ipad.
@ticktick team

What would help is if we can get a idea on:

1. If the problem is a priority for TickTick
2. If you are currently working on solving it
3. Timelines if any (3 months? 6 months? 9 months?)

Having to use the product in a hacky way is ok as long as we know that it’s for a limited time. Right now we don’t have any understanding of the above 3 points. I love using ticktick and have used it for 4 years and want to us it for many more years. This is in fact the first time I faced an issue with TickTick.
This feature not working is an absolute show stopper. That, coupled with the lack of ability to "Clear Completed" tasks is why I'm stopping my TickTick premium subscription for the time being.
The same thing. I keep getting the old notifications on my iPhone when I have already actually ticked them as done from my laptop
Still a pretty huge problem for me on daily basis too. I'm already considering other apps, but I haven't migrated to any new service yet because I have a great workflow with a lot of todos set up in TickTick and I like some features that other apps don't have. But if this is not going to be fixed then I guess I have to make that step eventually...
without background synchronization of changes on the iPhone, the application loses its meaning (((Please solve this problem asap, it is extremely important
Hi ticktick team,

Have you released a fix? It seems to be working for me now. Its inconsistent though.
It syncs flawlessly for a few minutes after the app is in the background and then stops syncing (even though the app is still running in the background).
It stopped working now. I am not able to replicate it.
+1 I have to open the TickTick on my iPhone or iPad to sync my tasks to make sure I receive notifications
Any update on this from development? It's also an issue with auto-importing from iOS Reminders. They only import when you open the app which isn't great. If I say "Hey Siri remind me to water the flowers in 45 minutes" and I don't open the TickTick app within that time frame, it won't import. Granted, I'll still get the iOS reminder, but the main reason I use TickTick is the "annoying alert"
I was looking to subscribe until I encountered this issue. It's a deal breaker for me, why as the cross platform support, if it can't sync properly?
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