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Omnifocus Import
I've tried importing from omnifocus, but no luck. There are no directions as to what kind of file is expected, or how to generate it from Omnifocus. Several options are possible (via backup or export). I've tried a simple using a simple CSV export from OF3, but after a brief window with some animated dots nothing has changed. Has anyone succeeded?
Same problem for me - I don't want to transfer 324 Task and lists manually. Any solution for this please?
Does the OmniFocus import work now please?
Hey there,

We have been aware of this issue. The devs are looking into it now, we will get it fixed asap.
Great, news, thank you for the update, still running a hybrid solution with OmniFocus and TickTick Premium
Could you please make sure the CSV file you exported from OmniFocus is not opened before you import it into TickTick. Otherwise, the formatting will be messed up.
Didn’t open before but will try again
This is still not working as far as I can tell.
I get the OF Projects as TT Lists but no tasks :-(
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