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Feature Request: Nested Tags
I would like to request nested tags as a feature to organize tasks even more like:


So when I look at #projectA, I can view all tasks combined.
Hey there,

Could you describe a possible scenario that you would like to use this function?
Of course! I use folders to organize life areas (personal, work, etc.). Then I use lists to organize e.g. work projects (projectA, projectB), and to dos for the specific tasks in the project.

Now, we use a ticket system at work. I would like to add the ticket numbers to the tasks. For project A it would be something like "PRJ-A-123". And instead of doing this, I would love to add a nested "PRJ-A/123", so that I can access all PRJ-A-tagged todos at the same time, but also can search for just the number 123 to find the task.
Hey wohfab,

Got your points, thanks for the feedback, will pass them to the product team and do an evaluation asap.
I have a similar use case. Just need one more layer of taggable granularity. Taggable subtasks would also work.
I'd say take a look at Bear notes which is what the OP seems to be referencing as well. Best in class tagging implementation
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