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Kaban view on mobile?
Will kaban view come to mobile?
Hey Ole,

Sorry currently it is not on our to-do list, will pass it to the product team and may consider implementing it in the future.
I second the request for Kanban view on Mobile.
Kind thanks,
Yes please!
You introduced a new feature like Kanban view for Desktop and Web but you're not planning to add it to mobile,
why do you want to have discrepancies between platforms? Really, where's the logic in that?
I believe doing Kanban on mobile is hard from a design perceptive, given the limited space and that Kanban's prime goal is organization by visualization. I am sure the current feature can be rolled out to iPads/tablets, but I believe we should allow the TickTick team to think this through for phones.

I believe one simple solution could be to at least allow users to sort a list by Kanban Buckets (column/category). This will visually show items in the list under a Kanban Bucket, in same way how tasks in a list can be organized under Tags. Furthermore, when editing a task, a user using the context menu (...) could move tasks between Buckets. In other words, by introducing the concept of Buckets, just like Tags, the existing list view can be leveraged to organize tasks for Kanban for use on a screen of limited size.
+1. While I love using TickTick on my PC, the reality is that most of the time I'm on mobile, so kanban is pretty useless for me if I can't see and edit it on mobile.
Any news if this will be implemented on the mobile apps (Android)? I've seen apps do this by swiping to right/left to switch between Kaban boards. Or else something simple as just viewing the Kaban board vertical just like the completed items are showing up. Would be great to have this, since I mostly use the app on my phone.
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