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Quick feedback on Kanban
I got surprised to see Kanban being introduced into TickTick. I'm very concerned about its integration into conventional list/folder system. It turns out to be good.

Kanban in TickTick opens up a new & board way for the user to define their specific needs in managing tasks. So I briefly tested it out with my list/folder, as the blog said, it offers second-level task management and I like its flexibility.

I used Kanban a long time ago with Trello. This update flashed my memories. But something I think the developer can add for the near future which is the cross-platform Kanban functionality. When I mark task status on the web, I wish to see the same exact thing on my Android too. I think this is a must and I believe you will have it enable soon.

So when it comes to Kanban, one usually will come to the burnt down chart. Any information from the developer on this?

Thanks for the new feature, I think I gonna enjoy it when it is cross-platform enabled.
Hey Kevin,

Thanks for the feedback, will pass them to the product team and do an evaluation soon.
Hi Carol I'd like to also add my voice to the request of a cross-platform functionality of Kanban.
Same goes for the recently released 'Habits' feature on mobile platforms only.
You know have TWO important features, that are all new and cool and that your loyal users want to use, but a lot will avoid, for the sake of compatibility.
Those who bite the bullet will suffer - actions they do on the mobile app won't show up when working on a computer (Habits), and similarly they might plan via Kanban on the web, but then bump into issues/confusion when it's time to execute while using the mobile app.


Last year I've switched to TickTick from Todoist, after using is for 4 years. The main reason I was looking for a todoist alternative was their lack of consistency in the appearance and functionality between the mobile and web apps.

With these recent 2 "cool" new features (cool indeed) I fear it's a sign you will be going a similar path, where I can't trust the same information and structure will appear in all platforms, which impacts the smooth operation of the service, up until a few weeks ago.

I honestly feel it's better not to introduce a feature at all, if it can't be used on all platforms.

Looking forward for your reply.

Partially agree with you Tomer. Honestly, me myself won't use any feature in TickTick that is not cross-platform. But, I will test it and provide appropriate feedback if possible.

I understand from the developer point of view. Sometimes, with the challenging time/energy/cost, you just have to test a new feature on a single platform before rolling out to all platforms. Then after collecting abundant feedback & metadata on that particular feature, then only decide if it is a worth-well feature to bring on more platforms or to terminate entirely.

Actually, as a 5 years old loyal users, what I personally want to see the most is Google Assistant integration.
This is a great feature. But I cannot incorporate this into my structure until it becomes available in IOS / Android,
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