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TickTick win app is available now
TickTick win app is available now

- New "Kanban" feature

TickTick Team
3..0.0.3 still comes up when trying to download from the website
fixed :)
This is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you, wlz.

My notes right after using this for half an hour:

1) It will make more sense if the task title shows in full, not just the first line. Reason being, in Kanban view, the widget of the boards is much smaller than tasks in list view, and it will barely fit a small sentence of 5 words on just one line. I would prefer to see the full task title spanning across multiple lines. At the end, we're dealing with cards now and that should be fine.

2) When moving the task from one board to another, you cannot put the task in the desired position in the board. This means, we have to first move the task to the new board in one action, and then move our card again to repoisition in the list. I hope a fix is in the way.

3) Is this coming anytime soon to the Android app? I cannot imagine myself using it on just one device.

Great work overall. Keep it up!
Will you ever support this for smart folders like today and tomorrow? 99% of my time in ticktick is in the today and tomorrow views. Being able to setup Kanban style views/status for my day would be fantastic.
you may want to pin this topic and unpin the old windows release topic :)
How do I accesss this new Kanban feature?
Bug in web app. When I try to click on a task to be scheduled on RHS of calendar view (arrange tasks tab shown) the app freezes and cannot be used.
It was a task created by emailing to Ticktick. Other tasks created in the app seem to be ok.
It occurs when I try to click on any task that was created by emailing to the generated email address I had set up
How do I accesss this new Kanban feature?
Go into a list, and press the three dots ... and select Kanban view. Doesn't seem to work for Smart Lists.
Kudos on the new Kanban feature TickTick Team!!!!

After reading the blog post on the new feature, and using the Windows client and Web client, this is really going to be great for my own workflow.

One question though, when using the default Kanban view columns, To Do and Progress are there, but it doesn't seem the Tasks that are completed get their own Done column as they stay listed in the To Do column.

At the top of the To Do column, the counter also seems to be only items not completed, which is perfect.

Any thoughts or feedback on having a default Done column?
I'm guessing right now I could just drag my Completed items over manually.

thanks again!
Bug I referred to above is no longer valid as I 'reset' the email for task sending. Once this was done I was able to open tasks sent to this newly generated email address

Issue still persisting on certain tasks that come in via email
Kanban view is great, thank you! Is it going to be included in the mobile apps, too?
Wow! Nice surprise!)
On mobile this feature also will be?
Very useful surprise! Great work! Using it a lot already!
Echoing 2 comments:
Show more than first line of task (even if font is smaller).
Kanban on iOS too. (or at least auto tag tasks dropped into kanban list with kanban list name.
Hey AJ,

Could you plz tell us the version number of the browser you are using?

Kanban view is great! However, it should have the option to include more than one list.


I suggest Kanban view can combine the progress percentage function, that is, if a task with progress % greater than 0, then it will be moved to Progress Column automatically.



Would be so good if the subtasks that have dates defined, were displayed like happen in the smart lists, and more one suggest is make be able to colorize the titles of kanban columns.

Love the little calendar I get on the bottom left in TickTick in Chrome. Sadly, I can't get it on Windows.
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