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[Bug report] Google calendar tasks not visible on MacOS app
MacOS: 10.13.6
TickTick: 3.0.05 (94)

I added new Google Calendar task,
It is visible on Android and on Web versions, but not visible on MacOS app.

BTW, I can't edit this task, it looks like read only on TickTick, am I right?
Hey Vitaly,

Right, users can't edit the task, it is read-only on TickTick.

Could you be more specific about "not visible" on macOS app? Do you mean it cannot be synced on Mac, there might be some delay, could you plz try manually refreshing it and see it works well.
It's isn't visible (aka not synced) even after manual resync
Hey Vitaly,

Ok, got you, have passed it to the macOS team and they will look into the issue asap.
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