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Apostrophes bug
If I put an apostrophe ‘ in a task or task description on iOS, then it makes a huge space between the ‘ and the next letter

This is happening in the Mac app and on Google Chrome on a PC - can you make it stop please it’s ruining all my tasks?
The same is true in Firefox. Anywhere in the web-app's user interface, apostrophe's have big spaces after them.
Hey guys,

Could you plz provide us your version number and your typing method?

Does this issue exist in every section in TickTick, adding new tasks? Task descriptions? Or both of them?
On iOS I’m using v5.0.11.

So I've just updated the Mac app and the problem isn't appearing there currently. I do have the problem on Google Chrome at my workplace though - and the fact someone else has experienced it on a different browser suggests it's an issue with TickTick.

I'll take a screenshot when I next see it at work
Here's an example:
It's also happening with text elsewhere in the app, not just in my tasks.

Like this:

And this:

Those big spaces shouldn't be there. It's only happening with TickTick, nothing else.
I can confirm this is everywhere in the TickTick web-app, and nowhere else.
Hey there,

Thanks so much for reporting us this issue! We have passed it to the web team and we will get it corrected asap!
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