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Calendar changes time when added in PC client
Hello, Whenever I add new task in the calendar or rearrange time in calendar from PC client, it shows difference of 30 minutes on other client. Example,

On PC : New task at 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
On other clients: New task at 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

This happens only when i assign time in PC version.
Hey Sourabh,

Could you plz tell us the TickTick version number and the system version of the devices you are using?

Besides, could you plz check the timezone in different devices and be more specific about the steps you create a new task and arrange the time? Did you use the smart date parsing function?
PC Version:

All my devices are on same timezone.

Steps for creating tasks:
1. Create a task in PC client and assign date to that task. So that it appears in the whole day section of calendar.
2. Go to calendar view of PC client, and drag a task to specific time and for specific duration.
3. After sync, check tasks on Android or Web
4. Tasks will be off by positive 30 minutes than it is set in PC client. i.e. 5:00 PM becomes 5:30 PM

No i did not use smart date parsing.
Hey there,

Could you plz tell us the TickTick version number in Android and the system version of the Android you are using?
Sorry for late reply:

here you go:
TickTick Version: 5.1.0
Android: 8.1.0

Note: this issue continues even after new version of desktop app is installed 3.1.1
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