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"Default priority" defaults to "None" regardless of settings
Only happens when adding task to custom lists, when adding to any other list it does use the default priority from the settings .
worked fine a few days ago. plz fix.
Hey Ivan,

Thanks for the feedback, will pass it to the dev team and look into it asap.
Very annoying, does no one else has this problem? Tried from mobile browser, same thing
Someone not doing TDD :)
Hey Ivan,

Could you plz tell us the TickTick version number and the system version of the devices you are using?
Web version

As you can see, both Lists and Tags give me my default "High" priority, while all custom lists give "None"
whoops, deleted accidentally, here's new one
Hey Ivan,

Would you mind showing the rule set of your custom smart lists?
Just created new list with default rule set; exibits the same behavior as all the other. Have you seen the video?
Almoust 2 weeks, bump
Hey Ivan,

So sorry, have gone through the video you sent to us, but it is not very clear to locate the issue, would you mind reproducing the issue with some more detailed steps.

We noticed when you input certain tags, the task priority would be set to none, is that right?
- My default priority is set to "High" in settings;
- When I add new task in "Lists" or "Tags" using web client, new task priority correctly defaults to "High";
- However, when I add new task from any list in "Custom", new task priority defaults to "None"
Hey Ivan,

Would you mind showing the rule set of your custom smart lists? It is very likely that you set "No priority" for the custom smart list.
We're getting closer:
- If I set "priority" in rule set to anything but "Any", default task priority DOES change to highest priority out of selected (if I check all four, default priority will be "High", if I uncheck "High", default priority will be "Medium", etc.)
- Hovewer: if I select "All", default task priority for that list changes to "None", regardless of what is selected in application settings.
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