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Sub-Subtasks and Descriptions
Hey Dev Team!

One of the big selling point for Todoist (in my opinion) is, that Subtasks are fully fledged Tasks with descriptions and even deeper layers of subtasks.
My question is, will TickTick support comments/descriptions/subsubtasks in the future? Thanks alot :)
Hey Severin,

These (comments and descriptions) are already available in TickTick.

➣If you want to edit a new task's detail, for example, add a description to it, you can tap the icon at the top right corner when creating it and enter its detail view directly.

➣If you want to comment a certain task.

1. Tap the "..." button at the top right corner in a task detail view.

2. Select "Comment".

PS: If it is a shared task, all members can view and leave comments on this task.

About subsubtasks, in a short term it may not be available, but it's already in our plan.
Hey Carol,

thanks for the quick reply!

I was actually talking about Descriptions & Comments for Subtasks, not for regular tasks. I know that you can add these to regular tasks but thanks for the detailed tutorial anyway :)

PS: REALLY glad to hear that subsubtasks are on your plan. ❤
Are descriptions and comments for subtasks on your plan aswell or not?
Aren’t you just describing a task?

Please don’t become more like Todoist!
I think Subsubtasks are a great feature for big and daunting tasks tbh
The dev team has been pretty clear that they will nto being going that route. While I agree it is kind of nice to have that kind of granularity, you can adopt how you create tasks to work with TickTick's more simple subtasks.

My advice would be to take the way you were organizing things now, and shift everything up one level. Subtasks should be self-described SMART goals which require no further description. If you need more granularity for the subtask, make it a task.
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