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cant invite a member of a team.
Operation failed. Please try again later.
Hey there,

Could you please tell us the platform you are using for TickTick and provide the exact steps to reproduce this issue?
1. mac desktop
2. web
3. ios

everywhere the same error

my steps
1. press "share"
2. input an email
3. press "invite"

then a serviсe message appears (on web. no messages on ios and mac desktop)
"Operation failed. Please try again later."

a tried 7 different emails, did it in different lists - no result

please help. we were going to move completely from wunderlist, but now all stopped
it seems that block dissapeared. i continued to invite team, invited 2 teammates into 6 or 8 projects (lists), then all repeateму Again i cant invite anybody.

Is there is a limit for that action?
Hey there,

We have looked into the issue, could you plz try it again?
after inviting a teammate into 8-10 lists again i received that system message: Operation failed. Please try again later.

You breaking our heart
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