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Why did I just get notifications for all my tasks in today
I am on iPhone. I have daily alert off. These are tasks with a date no time and no alert / notification set.

At 9am TickTick just sent notifications for every single task in my Today list. This was stressful and not helpful!

None of these tasks should have had a notification set. I’ve checked my default add settings. I’ve checked the settings in each task. Daily agenda is off. Why did it do this?

I can’t describe how stressful and inconvenient it was to have ten unwanted notifications flood my phone!
Oh and then I couldn’t clear them from the notification centre I had to manually open each one.

I do not want a notification for every single task. If I wanted those I would have set them.

I do not want to have to open ten notifications.

Please please please help this is not a good thing and I don’t want this every day!

I also don’t want to turn off notifications because there are times when I do need them!
Hey Annie,

Are these unwanted notifications from the subtasks?
I’m not sure. Maybe? I didn’t think I had any notifications set though.

I don’t want to turn notifications off as I do use them occasionally - mainly location based reminders - and I want to use the app badge for overdue tasks.

I’m also confused as to why would it be 9am? None of my tasks are set to start at 9am. In my common time settings I have my morning set to start at 6.30am. Daily agenda is off. Why would it notify me about subtasks at 9am?

I start work at 8. I don’t look at my phone until lunchtime. Having my phone flooded with notifications for tasks sent at 9am (none of which are set to start at 9am) isn’t helpful!

It sounds like you’re suggesting there’s some kind of automatic alert for subtasks? If so can you please make it optional?
Ok it’s just happened again and it’s definitely just the subtasks even though I don’t have any notifications set for these.

Will I get a notification at 9am every day for every subtask? Why? I don’t want this, how do I turn it off?

Dated subtasks are a great feature but this means I won’t be able to use them - please help!!
Had an email to say this is a bug and they are looking into it - phew
This is still happening - the latest update didn’t fix it. It’s driving me mad and ruining my experience of TickTick. Being able to put dates on subtasks was one of the main reasons I bought annual pro but this is driving me insane as I am bombarded with notifications I don’t want every day at a time when I would never set a notification or daily agenda. They don’t have times they just have dates. I love this app but this is really stressing me out as I have to clear them every day when are you going to fix it???
Hey Annie,

Sorry for the late reply. This is a quite tricky issue that took longer than expect to fix on our end. We will try to resolve it and keep you informed soon.
It's really disrupting my use of TickTick - as mentioned the ability to date subtasks is a big reason why I subscribed to Premium.

My options are to disable notifications which would mean I can't get the ones I need, or get unwanted alerts every day at 9.

They're appearing on every device I use. I use my Mac a few days a week, not every day, and when I log on I have to clear loads of these - and again I don't want to turn off notifications because then I won't get the ones I do need.

I'm spending a lot of time clearing unwanted alerts and it's really spoiling my enjoyment of the app. Could you at least extend my premium to make up for it?
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