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Collapsible folder for custom smart lists has vanished on iOS
I am a premium user and have several custom smart lists. On the iPhone app I used to have a collapsible menu for these - it was called 'smart lists' but was specifically for custom smart lists, and it was a collapsible folder that contained these.

It has suddenly vanished for no reason. I'm really confused as to why it's suddenly gone - I still have multiple custom smart lists so there is something to collapse.

I'm also really alarmed because it's worrying paying for an app where features just suddenly vanish. Please help.
Hey Annie,

You may log into the web for TickTick and check whether the collapsible menu still being there.
It’s back! I’m so happy!

It reappeared when I added a fourth custom smart list so maybe it just depends how many you have.

Here’s a screenshot:

If anyone else ever asks about this it might be worth letting them know it seems to depend on how many custom lists you have, if I’m right that this is the reason?
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