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TickTick win app is available now
TickTick win app is available now

- 5 new themes under the Photograph Series
- Show/hide task details in a list view
- Widgets can be hidden to the screen edge
- Change Pomo duration directly via the Pomo widget

TickTick Team
habit option on the desktop version?
new version is throws
After clicking on a recurring task, the program crashes.
The task must have a tag
same here. It crashes on my Windows 10 system. This has happened before and deinstalling and reinstalling did the job.
This time that does not help either. "Support" has not answered last time (or anytime although I am a so called premium user). Does anyone have a suggestion?
I just found a suggestion from another very helpful user at a previous problem with a new release (I had forgotten that great advice). He suggested deleting the folders in App data. This just did the job for me again. Here is what he wrote:

"First close TickTick.
Enter "%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming" into the address bar of your windows explorer and delete the folder "Tick_Tick".
I also deleted the folder "" under "%userprofile%\AppData\Local".
After that, restart the app. It should prompt the login again. After login, it worked for me. You could also reinstall the app, to be safe."

How can i Show/hide task details in a list view ?
I cant see the function.
I tried to reinstall, deleted folders in AppData location but app still crashing immediatly after clicking on any task :-(
I deleted the two folders after deinstalling the app and before reinstalling the new version from the ticktick website. That worked for me.
So far works, but i was wondering, were the 3 lines for each list on the left sidebar removed?

The app works fine for me except for one problem: both in the app itself and in the widget, my To Dos do not appear in the same order as in the web app. (They are grouped according to the same criteria that I specified in the web app - usually, priority - but within a given priority, the order of the tasks is not the same as in the web app.)
No icons in the left toolbar! :(
1. Crashes on viewing tasks with tags, reinstalling with deleting data does not help.
2. No sidebar icons.
Приложение схлопывается. Вернулся на предыдущую версию.
Win10, the app crashes.
How can I downgrade to the previous version?
windows application crashes, what to do?
You have problems with synchronization in the version for Windows.
Suppose I created a task for April 8 in Widows, and then changed it to April 30. In the web version and the iOS version, it will be moved to April 29th. Please correct.
Updated today and started crashing.
This is very disappointing. Do you have any QA process in place?
MCat78, тоже вылетает. Можете прислать на почту старую версию? Спасибо
Antonio Sukhanov, отправил.
The font of subtask is very blur and difficult to see in Mac version 3.0. Please fix it asap. It ruins the whole experience.
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