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New Habit feature for Mac
Is the new "Habits" feature not available for Mac?

Thanks for asking. Yes, the habit tracker is available on the iOS & Android apps at the moment. We can add your vote for supporting the mac app in the future. :)
I like the new Habit Tracker, but it throws me off that it isn't in the Mac version also. It sorts of defeats the point of having the feature if it doesn't show up across all platforms.

Repeating tasks, like working out, that I moved to 'habits' now don't show up when I'm at my desktop computer.
Hey there,

Sorry that habit tracker is currently only available in iOS&Android TickTick 5.0, this is going to be implemented in other platforms in the future.
+1 for having the habit tracker on the Mac version. I really like that it's built into TickTick so that I don't have to have a seperate app. I've been using it daily and it's great!
I'm with you guys, I really need the habit tracker to be on the Windows app. Also, are there any plans to make more detailed habits? For example, a habit with multiple instances per day.
+1 for the Habit feature on the Mac version (and web as well).
IMHO, it kinda defeats the whole purpose of the feature by having it on certain platforms only. One simply can't rely on it then.
+ 1
This needs to be a priority. I don’t understand why it isn’t already there.
+1 and web +1
new Habit Tracker on OSX would be awesome! +111111
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