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Subscription were broken
I can't restore my subscription on iOS
I typed iTunes password and now this buttons doesn't work
A subscription was paid in this month

I have a new beta version of the app
Hello aiserg,

Did you try the "restore" button at the bottom of the premium page in app? Let us know if it helps!
I've broken it after clicking =)
But I've downloaded an old version of the app from Store and fixed it
I just want to notice into this problem -- it can be broken for other users on v5 of the app
Thanks for letting us know! We will keep an eye for it.
I paid for monthly premium but it didn't work with calendar. I went to restore button in the premium page, it still could not restore. Please solve this issue for me. Thank you.

Sorry for the trouble. Could you restart the TickTick app and see if there's a system banner showing up asking you to sign in with your Apple ID?
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