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List colours
Can you add some more colour options for lists? I've used up all colours with lists of the same type overlapping. Since premium gets 99 lists and there are only 19 colours I really think more colour options should be added.

Also for the mac app, can you make it so that the user gets to choose whether before 7am and after 9pm hides? Or for it just not to hide if something is assigned to that timeslot? I have a lot of tasks set during those two time periods and I'm really beginning to get sick of having to click to show that period everytime I open the app.
I definitely agree with the hiding the time slots, most of my work gets done in the late and early hours and I sometimes miss stuff because of this.

Also new colours would be nice :) -> more vibrant stuff especially

Thanks for the feedback. We will add more colour options to the app in the future.
Me too for more colours. Bright ones, the current colours are too pastel/dull
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