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Mac App not in sync with Web & IOS apps
I changed some tasks from my iPhone, and they have synced correctly to my iPad & to the web client.

No matter how many times I try to have the Mac client sync, it still shows the tasks before they were changed.

Edit: Ok, this is worse than I thought. I have sync issues happening in all directions.

First the example above.

Second, the web app thinks I have 58 total task. My iPhone, iPad & Mac say 107, but as noted above, they don't agree on the STATE of those 107 items.


How do I correct this?

Sorry for the trouble. Could you contact us via with the following:

- Could you specify which list those tasks were in?
- If they were completed tasks, could you try manually sync to fetch the data from the cloud again?
- Did you mean the changes you made on other platforms cannot be synced to the mac app? Have you tried the manual sync button in the app?

Our support team will have a check and try to help you out soon.
Sending you the email you requested now, but figured I'd clarify here as well in case others have similar issues.

All tasks are in the Inbox, none of the 107 tasks that my Mac, iPhone & iPad see are completed. Neither are the 58 than the web app sees.

I have manually synced my iPhone, iPad & Mac at LEAST 10 times each. I would manually sync the web app, but I don't know how to do so.
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