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Homescreen Quick Ball not displaying
I LOVE and NEED the Quick Ball for adding tasks on the fly, but for whatever reason it is no longer displaying on my homescreen. I have the new Beta 5.0, a Google Pixel XL, Android version 9. I have tried reopening the app, clearing the cache, restarting my phone but it still isn't showing up. Is there something I should try or is there some sort of bug? Please help!
Hello Emily,

Sorry for the late reply & inconvenience. Could you please pull down in the app, then go to Settings, find Send Feedback and email us (the email will auto collect the error log from you)? We will look into it for you soon.
Thankfully the issue has resolved! I'm not sure what I did but it did finally begin displaying again. If this repeats or I have similar issues I will try to report them in that way. Thank you for responding!
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