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Error message and shutdown of win client after click on subscribe cal
Windows desktop client version

Whenever I click in the windows desktop client on the subscribe calendar icon i get an error message:

Then the windows desktop client shuts down. Whenever I start i get the same error message and get in an endless circle.

The only way is uninstall and reinstall. But when i click after reinstall on the sunbscribe calendar icon i get the following error message and everything starts all over again.

######## BEGIN ########
Operation System Version-> 10.0.17763.0 *****
CurrentTime -> 02/17/2019 14:51:27 *****
Locale -> en-US *****
Device Location -> en-US *****
Version -> *****
Exception Type -> System.ArgumentNullException *****
Exception Message -> Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: input *****
Exception Data -> System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal *****
-> *****
-> System *****
-> System.Text.RegularExpressions.MatchCollection Matches(System.String) *****
-> at System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Matches(String input)
at Emoji.Wpf.TextBlock.OnTextChanged(String text)
at Emoji.Wpf.TextBlock.<>c.<.cctor>b__0_0(DependencyObject o, DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs e)
at System.Windows.DependencyObject.OnPropertyChanged(DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs e)
at System.Windows.FrameworkElement.OnPropertyChanged(DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs e)
at System.Windows.Controls.TextBlock.OnPropertyChanged(DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs e)
at System.Windows.DependencyObject.NotifyPropertyChange(DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs args)
at System.Windows.DependencyObject.UpdateEffectiveValue(EntryIndex entryIndex, DependencyProperty dp, PropertyMetadata metadata, EffectiveValueEntry oldEntry, EffectiveValueEntry& newEntry, Boolean coerceWithDeferredReference, Boolean coerceWithCurrentValue, OperationType operationType)
at System.Windows.DependencyObject.SetValueCommon(DependencyProperty dp, Object value, PropertyMetadata metadata, Boolean coerceWithDeferredReference, Boolean coerceWithCurrentValue, OperationType operationType, Boolean isInternal)
at System.Windows.DependencyObject.SetValue(DependencyProperty dp, Object value)
at MS.Internal.ComponentModel.DependencyObjectPropertyDescriptor.SetValue(Object component, Object value)
at System.ComponentModel.DependencyPropertyDescriptor.SetValue(Object component, Object value)
at ticktick_WPF.Views.ProjectTaskListControl.UpdateView()
at ticktick_WPF.Views.ProjectTaskListControl.<SelectProject>d__80.MoveNext()
--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.ThrowForNonSuccess(Task task)
at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task)
at ticktick_WPF.Views.ProjectTaskListControl.<ProjectSelected>d__76.MoveNext()
--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.AsyncMethodBuilderCore.<>c.<ThrowAsync>b__6_0(Object state)
at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.InternalRealCall(Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs)
at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.TryCatchWhen(Object source, Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs, Delegate catchHandler) *****

######## END ########

Sorry for the trouble. Could you please contact us via with the case?
same here.. after subscribing to icloud calendar via URL
Could you please contact us via email too? We will provide you with a fixed installation package soon.
When will the fix be available?

PS: I follow this topic. How should i get notifications? In any case, not by e-mail.
Is this solved?
Where can we see a detailled changelog of TickTick win app
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