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[Feature Request] Multiple Sort Criteria
First let me say that I love this app. Previously, I was using a
combination of 3 different systems to keep up with my tasks, and that
eventually became unmanageable. I extensively researched 8-10 different
task list apps before finding TickTick. TickTick met and exceeded my strict criteria, and it’s now the only task management system I need. Kudos!


I would love to see the ability to sort based on multiple criteria
(e.g., sort first by list, then by priority).

I have created several lists that correspond to parts of my day (e.g., At
Work, After Work, At Home). I typically use the Today View and have it
sorted by list. This let’s me easily see which tasks I need to complete at
different times of the day. Since the lists are nicely separated by
headings in this view, a task to “pick up milk” doesn’t get jumbled in with
tasks I need to do at the office. Yet I can still look ahead to see what’s
coming up after work without changing views.

I would love to be able to sort automatically within those lists. I know I
can sort manually, but automatic sorting reduces time spent managing the

I suppose this could be tackled in two different ways.

#1 - You can already sort within a list. If the Today View was sorted by
list, then perhaps the tasks within those lists could retain the sort order
specified for each individual list.

Put another way: Today View would simply group tasks by list. Within each
list, tasks would be sorted based on that list’s sort order.

#2 - Allow for true multiple criteria sorting. For any list or view, allow
users to sort tasks based on 2 or 3 ordered criteria. For example, in the
Today View, sort first by list, then by date, then by priority.

I realize things that seem easy from a user’s perspective are rarely easy
from a programming perspective. However, I would appreciate any consideration you would give to this request.

Thank you!
+1 Multiple criteria sorting is a good idea. I second the request for it.

Thanks for the feedback. We will share this with the team and evaluate it soon.
+1 this request. My task lists are starting to get unwieldy and its stressing me out. Being able to group and sort according to different criteria would make things a lot easier.

The feature I miss the most from Things 3 is how neatly tasks are grouped, after which sorting is applied. This way I can have all high priority "list_1" tasks clustered together and then another cluster of high priority "list_2" tasks vs having all high priority "list_1 + list_2" tasks smushed together.

Seems like a common way to sort would be first by due date and then by priority.
I understand combining custom order with any other would be tricky to implement.

Not sure why this is in the iOS forum, because it applies to all clients I'm sure.
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