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***TickTick 5.0 for Android & iOS***
Introducing the official release of the TickTick 5.0 app!

This time, we added a brand new habit tracker for all users. You can enable it in the Tab Bar settings and start building some good habits with TickTick. A new UI design has also been made to the Android app.

Please feel free to let us know if you like the new version or have any feedback to give!

TickTick Team
Hi! Excited to try this out. Is there a changelog? What is different?
Oh, wow! I just saw there is a Habit Tracker built in. That is REALLY exciting, seriously, this is a feature I've been waiting for. Thanks, TickTick Team!! This is so cool :)

Is there any danger of losing tasks or data while using the beta? Once 5.0 releases, will we still be on a beta client? Or do we have to un-enroll?
Hello Erik,

Joining the beta won't damage your current data in TickTick. You will be able to install the official version once it's released normally and continue testing all beta versions in the future.
Great, thanks! The habit tracker is amazing and the art for it is really cool. Thanks for your hard work!
How do I see the habit tracker?
How to enable "Habit": Settings > Tab bar > Habit. :)
SLOW and unresponsive maybe because its slow. takes time to switch between tabs

If someone asked me to describe ticktick.... great app that takes decades to respond also glitchy
The TickTick Twitter account keeps insisting that there is a new design on Android but almost nothing has changed. I see the icons and some font colors are subtly different. If I hadn't been told it changed I never would have noticed. Is there something I'm missing here?
@Ansel may I ask where did you see that? I follow their Twitter account closely and I never saw any promise about a design overhaul. The current UI is only one year old, and honestly I don't want a new UI right now.
When can we expect the official release?
i installed testflight on ios, and now it says i need to click a link. What is the link i need to click to get the beta? thanks - Mark
For the Android version, the clear button from sliding tasks to the left doesn't work.
I need to click a link. What is the link i need to click to get the beta?
@rubens and the official changelog in the Play Store says "New UI design" but there just isn't one...
Modifing habit icon : not the icon choosen
After modifing habit icon, the icon displayed is never the icon chosen
When I click on the link to test the app from Testflight, I receive a message stating "unable to open link, something went wrong". Please advise!
The Habits feature is wonderful for those inessential tasks that we hope to complete everyday. It helps declutter the task list.

For my taste, it is a little cheesy in design. I think we would eventually get tired of the animations and prefer to simply tick them off from the list directly (with some feedback of the stretch of days covered).

Would it be possible to have an option to do this?
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