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Custom Lists - New tasks to targeted list....
I have a few custom lists.... one of which is a work list that span's multiple other lists.
When you add a new task, it only allows you to insert the task into the top list. You then need to change it once it's created if you want to move it to a different list.

You should be able to click on a list and add a new task to that list.
Please see the below image.

You can select one task from the section (list) and press enter to add something new to this section directly.
Thanks for your reply. I tried this prior to posting. I thought this worked this way previously.
It is not working now.

I am using Windows Version
I checked for update and this is apparently the latest version.

Thanks again for the reply.
Very much appreciated,
Hello Bob,

Sorry for the trouble. Win devs just ran a check for this issue, there is something wrong with the function. We will look into it and have it fixed in the next update.
Thanks for the quick update on this.
Very much appreciated!
Do you by chance have an ETA on when this feature will be available in the Windows version?
I've switched back to using the browser app and.... I'd much rather be using the Windows App :)

It's been scheduled in v3.0. Should be out in 1-2 weeks. Sorry about the wait.
Excellent! Thanks for the quick reply on this!
Very much appreciated.

Please convey to the devs my appreciation for what an awesome app TT is!
I've used many and... This is without a doubt... the best I've come across.
... can't imagine being without it at this point :)
Any update on this ?

Checking in again.
Any update on the ETA for this?
Sorry about the delay. Apparently, the win devs took longer than expected to make improvements and fix bugs. Just checked with them, 3.0 will be released within this week.
Great.... Thank you very much :)
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