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Sort issues, dropdown option for "resume to default priority order"
I've had this happen about 10 times and have lost hours of work. After I get done sorting tasks by priority and then manually rearranging the order, Ticktick app loses the sorting and the tasks get rearranged. **Then the Sort dropdown lists a bottom option for "Resume to default priority order"
- What is this and what does it mean?
- Is the Default sort order based on Priority-then Time-Entered?
- It's very frustrating and I know other users will encounter it.
In the next release please fix the Windows App which has many issues with sort-order and batch select/drag/drop. The TickTick webpage works well for manual rearranging tasks after Sort By Priority. I'd vote this to be a Top-5 Issue/Requirement for any task manager.

TT Webpage -vs- Windows App
- 2 very different Task orders occur when Sorting & Syncing the Windows App -vs- the Web App (which lists correct order and repeatable expected results)
- Changes to Task order (after By Priority) not getting lost/messed up
- Manual mass-moves up/down seems to work fine to drag/drop, unlike Windows App where ordering gets messed up randomly / without a repeatable pattern?
- Select Multiple tasks with Ctrl, and Drag multiple tasks using Shift - Works well

Also ideally there could be a setting for "Compact". I can zoom out and fit more tasks on page - much easier sorting on long list in Inbox (too much whitespace in App)
Yes I'm on TickTick win app , and always update when a new version comes out.
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