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Feature request - Filter Calendar Sub + Smart List in Calendar
Scenario example:

- John has a shared list "Colab" with member Mike.
- John has personal lists "Inbox" and "Personal".
- John has a calendar subscription "Cal".

To keep track of his schedule, John needs to see the following in his Calendar view:
1. Only tasks assigned to John from "Colab" (with a date)
2. All tasks from lists "Inbox" and "Personal" (with a date)
3. All events from calendar subscription "Cal".

John does not want to see:
- Tasks assigned to Mike from "Colab" in his calendar. This just clutters everything.

John has a Smart List "All Relevant Tasks" that selects:
- All tasks from all list AND (Assigned to John OR Unassigned). This takes care of 1 and 2.

It does not seem to be possible to filter from both Calendar subscriptions and Smart List "All Relevant Tasks" at the same time in the Calendar View (tested on IOS and Web).

Suggested solution:
Enable users to select both Calendar Subscriptions and Smart Lists in the calendar filter.

This is actually a deal breaker for my team.


Thanks for the suggestions. Will pass it to the product team for some evaluation first.
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