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More GTD compatible.
It would be great if we would have the ability to have one task be in more then one list.

Like with GTD method i have a NEXT list but also a projects FOLDER and then project LIST ex: "New website". Where i put task for that project.

I cannot put one task that its in the project list and in the NEXT list. it is in one or another. The only workaround that i have found now is to have a NEXT list and "NEXT" smart list that is showing all items with #next tag.

The thing is with this methodology, if it takes more then one thing to accomplish some goal then create a project and put it there, and if it does not put it simply in the NEXT list.

The thing is that i want to have one global overview of my NEXT, but i cannot it i dont use tags, but then there is this stupid thing where i have to also have a NEXT list for all projects that are not projects.

So the question is, could you add the ability to have one item in more then one list, its ok even if its originaly in one list and all other instances in other lists are simply a link. This with tags is a workaround. Example, i have some task that is not a project put in the next list and mark with #next tag to move it from inbox.

Anyway i know that developing something like this is not trivial, but im hoping that if there is more users like me maybe you will consider it.

Sorry for the late reply. To support having one item in more then one list is not in our plan.
Either way, it would be awesome if someone on the TickTick team read GTD and worked on implementing more aspects of GTD in the app!
You will have to use tags dani. That might be the best solution, honestly once you use tags and folders more efficiently you will barely need to have 2 tasks in 2 different folders.

Erik tick tick team has read GTD they have a whole section about GTD in their support guide. Also you might not read this because the Ticktick team has a shitty notification system where you need to tap the follow button at the top of the chat to get a notification, honestly tick tick team should focus in 2 things. Making tick tick faster all across the different platforms and create a better forum!
I use tags but its honestly just stupid. there is at any given time 50-100 next actions and most of those are in different projects and some have different context, but not all are in its own projects.
remember, if more then one action is required for desired outcome create a project else just dump it to a regular list.
so i create a "smart list" with different tags and so on, but when i need to move something from someday to next it just falls out and i have to manualy edit tags and so on. i have to create smart list because there is a huge list of tags that i use and the tags list is completely useless for me.

if its not easy to use and it looks like its fighting me.
facilethings was cool but the app is just slow for me and the mobile app is garbage, and i need functioning mobile app. and nirvanahq is also ok but im missing the calender implementation
I think you are coming close to the right idea, a combination of list and tags to create a smartlist is the closest you will come to archive what you want. So how I understand it, you want to have a task that belongs to the NEXT list but since those task are projects you also want to have a project list to put them there. I think you should have a FOLDER with the many different list projects you have and then use a tag NEXT and just use that tag to check anything that is in or should be in next. And you can add an addition custom list to show more tags for whatever projects you have. At least that is how I would set it up.
I found the official GTD guide to ToDoist really helpful in this regard.

My TickTick is organized as follows:

List: Projects (project list)
List: Routines (general checklists that I refer to)
List: Calendar (all dated next actions)
Folder: Agendas (contains various contact related agendas)
Folder: Next Actions (contains the following context lists)
List: Calls
List: Office
List: Home
List: Anywhere
List: Errands
List: Computer

Outside of that folder again, I have...
List: Someday
List: Waiting For

And then just a few generic lists to keep track of groceries, books to read, etc.

I use tags to link stuff in the project list to next actions. But I'm giving each project a unique tag so I can easily see if that project has any next actions in a context. I'm worried about my list of tags rapidly ballooning, however.
I use folders for areas of my life for example. Work, family, school, etc and go from there. I am doing a combination of steven covey quadrants with GTD and 80/20
Thanks for sharing! I wish there was a bigger community of TickTick users out there to talk about the app with. I find all to-do apps have pros and cons, but overall TickTick really seems to be the best (despite having its own quirks).
Yes I think is the best specially if you have OCD tendencies. And ii wish there was also a bigger community but hopefully they will be upgrading this forum to something better so we can talk.Also we could create a ticktick reddit if that works better.
+1 on the ticktick reddit idea
Yes I think I'll be the best. That way we can up vote topics and things the community wants
there is one already
I use Priority as a hack to categorize things that I work on and have used them to distinguish between my Focus list (those things I focus on at any given time; or said a different way the list that I am perpetually working from) and then my Next Actions list.

The way I set it us is as follows:

High Priority (!!!) = Focus on now - this is the list that I'm always actively working on at any given time

Medium Priority (!!) = Next Actions - this contains all of my "next actions" and the list that I turn to when I've completed all my high priority actions and select more to move to the high priority list. I simply change the priority setting and they move to the other list.

In practice, I set up two smart lists, one for High Priority which I called my Focus list and it only contains those actions that are due today, over due, or are labeled High Priority (!!!). Again, this is the list that I work from the majority of the day as I'm working and completing tasks. The second smart list is called Next Actions which only contains Medium Priority tasks (!!).

Each morning I complete a 15 min Daily Review which consists of:
1) process all my actions in my inbox from the day before;
2) review all actions on my @waiting for list to see if there is any follow up required on any of these tasks
3) review my calendar for the day and determine any tasks that are needed to be completed on that day based on the task's due date or what I have going on for that particular day. For those tasks that are already in Tick Tick (and do not have a due date) I move change their priority to High.
4) scan my Next Actions list to determine what actions I want to perform that day and change their priority to High

Once my Daily Review is over I then work from my Focus List the rest of the day.

Once a week I complete a Weekly Review which takes about 90 minutes. In that review I review each list and add to them as appropriate, adding tasks, due dates, deleting tasks that are no longer relevant, etc. In addition, any tasks that wasn't listed as a Next Action, that now can be, I change it's priority to Medium (!!) so that it will be on my Next Actions list.

While I used to use other Apps that had this "Next Action" functionality more automated such as NirvanaHQ and GTDNext, I found that their systems were not perfect and really didn't save me all that much time or efficiency. It seemed as though I was spending more time managing the system then completing tasks. I found that the easier the system, the more control I had and more time I spend doing stuff other than simply managing my tasks. No app will be perfect and you need to find you can live with.
Heath, thanks for the great post. I really like that method of using priority.
Great method @Heath. I think that's very good method to follow, mine looks something similar to that, I am using the 4 priorities as described by the 4 quadrants. Red for Urgent and important, BLUE for non urgent and important, I have a Q3 quadrant a little modified to be only things I have to do for other people, and no color to be things I have not sorted yet and they stay mostly in my inbox till I assign either red or blue color or just discard them to either q3s folder or to an archive list.

I have set up a lot of smart list, one for Crisis, Full red task that are due this week. A second for Proactive, for BLUE task that are due between 2 weeks, and Q3s activities due between the month, I have also a few other smart list to show all folders and tags.

I also have a 15 minutes review for the day and one hour review each week for ticktick

That review mostly consists of checking all the tasks in inbox and categorize them in a folder. The weekly review is more to delete and declutter tick tick.

I can also confirm the use of a waiting/ follow up list in my opinion super useful.

I have a few tags that have prove indispensable for me. that Is a 80/20 tag and the other one is #easy, for when I am feeling super tire. I use this list to keep getting things done even while I am completely tired
that with priority is a nice workaround, but im feeling all those setups are kinda not what gtd is and why im trying to implement it.

the main thing for me is that im able to dump all open loops to this task manager and trust it that no task will be lost and will get the attention it needs. and with this workarounds like i do if i forget to add tags according to my own setup then the task will be in wrong list and so on. its just not straight forward like it should be.

and one of the most important things in gtd is that you don't put things on your calendar that are "nice to have" its important that those are the things that you MUST do on that date, everything else is a next action. I have felt myself this, if i put a lot deadlines on the tasks and i don't do 2-3 of them then i don't trust the system any more. and if i dont trust it those will get back to my brain and my brain will start again to keep track of them and remind me.

for me the main thing is that i wanted is fee myself from open loops, if i cannot do that then this its just another task manager technique.

I’m sorry but having tasks in multiple places is not how GTD is meant to work!
Yes it is Annie. The inbox is where everything goes and then it gets classified accordingly. Its in the GTD website if you want to take a longer time to look around
You misunderstand me. Having multiple context lists that you divide your tasks between - yes, absolutely.

Having a task in both a project list and a context list? Not so much. Next actions go in your context lists. Future actions go in project support. If you expect them to appear in both places then that isn’t what’s suggested in the book.

If your tasks are getting lost you need to focus on making sure you give them context tags or moving them onto context lists. Having them appear twice isn’t going to make it easier to do GTD.
Oh okay I understand now what you mean. Well what I do is that every thought or idea or whatever gets written in the inbox, next morning I go thought everything I wrote and I make sure I organize and clarify the next steps before moving them to a list, if I really don't know what do to with that task I put it in an incubator list in a later folder that I check once a week, if after a week I still dont know what to do with that task I put it in another list call "someday" which I check every month. I also use tags like "clarify" and "schedule" to make sure I dont forget any task that are not yet clarified or schedule and I can easily check on them every week or so, Ideally you want to set a date and next action before moving the task outside the inbox. That way you will be okay. Just set up really smart folders and I dont think you will have the problem you are having.. Set good folders and make sure you have a good workflow to check on those folders from time to time and I think its okay not a huge deal
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