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Rescheduling a specific occurrence of a reoccurring task series?
Ask the title suggests, I was wondering if there is a way to adjust a reoccurring task without rescheduling the entire occurrence. For example, if I usually lift weights at 3 every wednesday but this wednesday I have work from 4-5 and I wanted to move that specific "lift weights" task to 6 without changing any other day how would I do so? If this isn't already a feature it would be very helpful moving forward.

If you are on the web app, you may go to the calendar view and drag to reschedule the current recurrence without affecting future cycles. However, this function is not supported on mobile yet.
When I drag a current recurrence it reschedules all of the other ones for me even on desktop. Is there a key I need to press while doing it?
Still confused on how this is supposed to work, would appreciate any help.
What I would do is check off the occurrence for this week so it creates it for next week, then uncheck it and change the one for this week.
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