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Subtasks with assigned times are not sorted correctly in List views
I frequently create subtasks and assign them times of execution. When doing so, they are not sorted properly in the Today view. Instead of listing the main tasks and subtask in the proper time order, the Today view groups the time specific main tasks and orders them, the groups the the 'all day' tasks, and finally groups the the subtasks and orders them by time. What I would expect to see is

Main task A at 11:30am
Main task B at 12:00pm
Sub task AA at 12:30pm
Sub task BB at 12:45pm
Main task C at 1:00pm

This prevents people from using subtasks in the Today List views in an efficient manner.

Please fix ASAP.



Could you specify your platform?
Hmmm.. it seems to be working now. I am using Android for mobile app and Windows 10 for the Windows Desktop Client. I will keep an eye on it.
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