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Lost list priority
I sort TickTick inbox "by list" and drag and drop my tasks in order to create the priorities. This works well for me and is a very flexible way to work. Twice I have however experienced that all my "drag and drop" priorities were lost and the whole list was in chaos.

The only way back was to re-prioritise everything! Am I doing something wrong our is this a bug in TicTick?

There's no sort "by list" in Inbox. Could you specify the sorting method you used and double check if you've selected another sorting method after drag&drop and that caused the resume of the orders?
Sorry - I mean in "All"

As you can see from below screenshot "By list" is chosen as the sorting method. I did not change anything. All my manually sorting have however been corrupted and scrambled.
Did the issue occur after you updated the app? What is your TickTick version?
Yes it might actually have. Version: 2.8.00 (83)
Hi, this is also the probelm ive encountered and its tbh a bit frustrating.

Now the tasks are automatically rearranged by priority when I sort by list.

Any way to be able to rearrange manually when sort by tasks?

Since most of the time I do tasks per appointment and not by priority.

Pls pls help
Ive been using Ticktick premium for the past 2 years and the flexibility of rearrange my tasks are one of the thing that make me stick and recommend.

I really hope ticktick team will listen to this and fix the issue immidetely .ive also sent an email to the support team

Kindly help, thank you.谢谢

Sorry for the inconvenience. Were you referring to the web app or a desktop app(win&mac)?

Sorry for the confusion. A new default second-level sorting method (by time) is under development by us. The mac app has released it while other platforms didn't have the function yet. That must have caused the chaos between multiplatform. This issue will be passed to the product team soon and we will see what we could do to improve asap.
A mobile (android). A desktop one works just fine for me.

when will this issue be fixed?

Ok. I really do not want to experience this again. I have +100 tasks in my list that where all manually prioritised and that are now in chaos. Is there any way to get my prioritisation back or is it lost?
I agree with Henrik. I also encountered the same issue - and it influences my work flow.
Please kindly help to fix it asap, thanks
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