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Bug: tasks not repeating
Unfortunately, I can't put task with daily repeating on PC app. Even if I do it on mobile app - I see only single tasks on my PC app.

Did you mean the repeating tasks are not showing in the calendar view? Could you double check whether you've enabled to "show future cycles"?
Yes, my mobile and web Ticktick shows repeating tasks, but app on PC not. I've not found "show future cycles", but I've enabled "show all repeat cycles". No any changes, for a pity.
And yes, I tell only about Calendar view - I see only two first repeatings from all.
Could you please provide some screenshots to We will look into it soon.
Could you please clarify the status of my request?
Так и не нашли решение?)
Sorry for the late reply. It will be fixed in the next update.
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