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What happened to the Firefox extension?
I was using TickTick with Firefox and happened to upgrade my OS today. I was surprised that I wasn't able to find the extension on the Firefox addons site, and looking at Google's cache, it was indeed there through December 30 at least, having last been updated December 18. What's up with this?


Sorry for the inconvenience. Due to some reasons, the app extension has been removed from the Firefox. We will resubmit it asap.
Hi how is the status of this?
It seems to be removed again. I still have the one uploaded a few weeks ago. Is it safe to use, though ? Why is it being removed several times?
Could you provide the addon for direct download on your website for the meantime until you fixed the problem?

Sorry for the trouble. Devs have just resubmitted the extension, it will take some days until you can see and download it. We can't provide any direct download channel at the moment either. Please wait for a bit longer.
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