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Anyone else using tick tick to record your thoughts like a journal?
How do you use tick tick and do you find it to mess with your actual task that need to get done as opposed as things you just keep for safekeeping
i do, i just have them in "inbox" and for some things i have a subfolder for various things. I have a swipe-up gesture on nova launcher which opens a small window to quickly add things, so it's always handy to also take very quick and short notes, though to have them as a todo seems wasteful and messes with the statistics but i'll have to find some kind of replacement to that function, but not sure what
That's exactly why I use tick tick as a journal. Cuz of the shortcut. Thay pop up box is amazing and it's quick to dump any thoughts I have during the day.

For your problem, I will suggest for to make a new list and title it journal if you wish. And then go into that list settings and toggle the feature call "do not show in smarlist" that will take it away from inbox and pretty much other lists.
yeah, good idea.
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