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Tags feature is unpolished
I feel like the tags feature gives me very inconsistent results from what I think it should be doing so I was hoping to write down some of the bugs and suggestions I think would improve this feature. For reference, my current settings are to keep tags in the task name.

In the task add bar at the top of the application:

1. When pressing "#" and selecting the tag from a drop down, everything works as expected

2. When typing "#home", for example and clicking SPACE, the tag is no longer a tag and the #home will just show up in the task name, but not as a tag. I would prefer if it still counted as a tag, as that's how it used to be before things were revamped. I think it would make more sense that, if you didn't want the # to signal a tag, you would click on it in the task name and it would just count as text, just like it is done with the dates in the task name.

3. When typing #home, for example and clicking ENTER, the tag works as expected.

4. There is no way to add tags by using text when the task is already created. This is an inconvenience for those of us that change tags on a task semi-regularly. Ideally, I would be able to do this from both the "main panel" list of tasks and the right panel that comes up when individual tasks are selected.

Needless to say, you guys are doing an amazing job and I love the app as a whole and this is just my take on how it should run.

Thank you

Thanks for the feedback. 2) will be passed to the product team for some evaluation. 4) You may still use # then enter a new tag in task detail view, but it won't be saved in the task detail. This is how it works now.
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